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This scheme is a Government-sponsored initiative that allows companies to purchase or lease cycles and safety accessories and then loan them to employees, encouraging them to leave their cars at home, reducing the carbon footprint by cycling to work.

The hire period is for 12 or 18 months and the employer can choose to pay for the bikes outright, or alternatively our suppliers will provide a leasing option which means there is no capital outlay.

The employee pays for the bike via salary sacrifice, spreading the cost and paying through gross or pre-taxed pay creating income tax (employee) and National Insurance savings (employee and employer).

Our supplier is Halfords who run a compliant and fully managed scheme, and the arrangement will include any discounts that are already available in store.

Scheme Set-up

The scheme is set up via our secure web portal, which offers:

  • User-friendly online set up
  • Fully compliant documentation
  • Bicycle ordering facility
  • Administration of Master Hire document
  • Help desk support
  • Telephone enrolment for employees with no internet access
  • Dedicated Account Manager