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This is an HMRC compliant mobile phone scheme which allows employees to buy the latest mobile phone (including the iPhone). These goods are paid for on a monthly basis via payroll deduction and salary sacrifice, giving income tax (employee) and National Insurance (employee and employer) savings.

The employer funds cost of the phone initially either through the company or via a leasing arrangement and the employee repays the amount owed over a 24-month period.

Employees require employer approval before joining the scheme.

Scheme Set-up

The scheme is set up via our secure web portal, which offers:

  • User-friendly online set up
  • Fully compliant documentation
  • Ordering facility
  • Help desk support
  • Telephone enrolment for employees with no internet access
  • Dedicated Account Manager


iPhone 4 (pay as you go contract)
£35 per month gross
20% taxpayer equates to:
(savings of £10.85 per month £260.04 in total)
40% taxpayer equates to:
(savings of £14.35 per month £344.44 in total)