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Welcome to veritas rewards

Employers are always looking to find a low cost solution to boost the value of their employee benefit packages. Veritas strives to allow employers the ability to control costs and match employee needs in the ever changing business environment.

This is achieved by providing a range of:

  • salary sacrifice products approved through HMRC
  • employer paid benefits
  • discounts on everyday expenses at high street retailers.

Salary Sacrifice products save tax and National Insurance for employees and employers.

Veritas is a subscription-based employee benefit product and has been designed for accountants as well as public and private sector organisations.

Our suppliers are household names such as Halfords and TC Harrison who offer well-researched robust products with specially negotiated discounts exclusive to Veritas.

Why set up an Employee Rewards Scheme?

  • Tax savings (employee and employer)
  • Alternative method of remuneration
  • Products are financed by the supplier
  • Established chain of supply, low hassle
  • Employers can choose what to offer
  • Employees can choose to opt in/out
  • Ties in and rewards key personnel
  • Low cost “morale boosting” scheme
  • Products include insurance