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Automatic enrolment pensions have arrived and will soon affect every employer in the UK. Since 1st October 2012 employers have been required to implement Auto Enrolment legislation, whether you employee 2, 200 or 2000. Our fully outsourced compliant solution is available to make the implementation of your workplace pension scheme as simple, straightforward and streamlined as possible.

Employer obligations – what you need to do...

  • Identify your staging date – this is the date by which you need to have taken steps to implement your Auto Enrolment pension scheme and can be found be entering your Employer PAYE reference here:
  • Assess your workforce – identify which category of employee your workforce fall in to.
  • Choose a Pension Scheme – identify and implement a suitable pension scheme.
  • Communicate to employees – confirm to all employees their category, entitlements, fund choices and scheme procedures.
  • Auto -enrol eligible employees – you must automatically enrol all the employees classed as ‘eligible jobholders’ into the scheme.
  • Accept any employee who wants to join the scheme – enrol non-eligible jobholders who opt into the scheme.
  • Arrange pension scheme membership for Entitled Workers and provide information about their right to join a pension scheme.
  • Register with the Pensions Regulator – you must register your scheme even if you have no members.
  • Process Opt –Outs – ensure that anyone opting out of the scheme is processed appropriately.
  • Submit payroll and pension data – each month you must submit your pension and payroll data.
  • Pay compulsory employer contributions.
  • Monitor employees – monitor your workforce in case their eligibility status changes and deal accordingly.
  • Assess new employees.
  • Reassess employees every three years – you should reassess your workforce and re-enrol any opt out employees every three years.
  • Retain records.

By engaging, you only need one simple step each month. Our intermediaries work closely with your Payroll administrator or Payroll Services provider so you only need to send them your payroll details each month, they will take care of the rest. They will provide the assessment, employee communication, monitoring and ongoing servicing of the scheme and provide a full audit trail for peace of mind.

Clients will only be recommended the most suitable, bespoke, pension scheme to suit the workforce.

Sometimes during times of change smaller employees can be ignored by providers who often target employers with 50+ employees, leaving the smaller employer facing higher scheme charges for their employees and a smaller marketplace from which to choose a scheme. Not with us. Through our affinity scheme arrangements smaller employers can join together to enjoy the same benefits as enjoyed by the larger employers such as : reduced charges, more investment fund choice; employee websites, personalised communications and dedicated administration support.

Our intermediaries provide each employer with a dedicated point of contact for any queries or questions which may arise and who will liaise with you month by month.”

Time Period - Qualifying Earnings -
Staging Date to September 2017 1% Employer
2% Total
October 2017 - September 2018 2% Employer
5% Total
October 2018 onwards 3% Employer
5% Total