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Health Screening Services – in the workplace, in a local clinic or via a mobile health screening vehicle.

Health screening is one of the most popular employee benefits available. The problem is that it normally has to be conducted within a hospital or private clinic and is extremely expensive.

All our assessments are conducted with fully clinical evidenced tests and the results are provided in the appointment to maximise the impact and engagement of the individual's health.

Our partners have conducted health assessments over 5 years and will deliver over 25,000 assessments in 2014 to clients in the private and public sector – clients include key brands in the following sectors: legal, accountancy, financial and professional services, plus they deliver programmes in Police, Schools and Council working environments.

The health screens start from just £40 per person for a Health MOT.

They also offer the following assessments – professional fees are :

  • Essential (30 mins) @ £90
  • Advanced (45 mins) @ £180
  • Executive (90 min) @ @£290

Assessments are all booked using an excellent online portal (minimising your involvement) and they provide a flexible delivery model including:

  • Onsite at the workplace (meeting room needed)
  • In a local clinic (the partner will arrange all the hire of the rooms etc)
  • Via their brand new health assessment vehicle

The screens use the very latest mobile health testing equipment - ensuring that the results can be provided during the appointment itself and allowing the practitioner to offer advice that is specific to the participant.

Programmes are supported by G.P's and follow up advice is pro-actively provided by our 'in-house' team.

Finally, our partner can manage the entire booking and appointment process through its web booking system reducing the workload on client HR teams.

Please complete the online application if this is of further interest.